Lucky BetVictor Player Cashes In on Jackpot

A Scottish player has found himself £347,000 richer after an unbelievable night at BetVictor online casino. That total combines big wins on slot games The Hulk, Star Trek, and Adventures in Wonderland.

The party started when the player, who wants to remain anonymous, netted £14,000 on The Hulk, and then got himself £20,000 on Star Trek, two of his favorite games. According to Charlie McCann from BetVictor Poker, the player was just about to cash out and celebrate his big night when he decided to play a game he had never played before, Adventures in Wonderland.

He never thought that he would also take home the enormous £340,000 BetVictor progressive jackpot, which had been building up for two and a half years. The lucky player, who is married, said that the night “will change our lives forever,” and that he would use the money to pay off his mortgage, and buy a car for his wife.