Online Casino Bonuses

The bonuses that online casinos are offering the players are the best way to reach high payouts in the shortest time, so every player should always be aware of the latest casino bonuses. Following is a very useful list of casino bonuses for reference and it is highly recommended that every player checks it.

This table provides a brief preview of the latest casino bonuses. Online casino bonuses offer players the possibility to familiarize with the online casinos and decide whether it’s worth playing a certain casino or not.

It is important to keep in mind that many online casinos will require certain casino bonus codes in order to make use of a casino bonus so it is imperative to check with these codes and have them ready.

Knowing the latest casino bonuses can mean a lot. The following six types are the most encountered online casino bonuses:
Sign Up Bonus – these casino bonuses are more like encouraging prizes for new comers, but they really reach the highest values, they’re given only at sign up and they can get you considerable winnings.
High Roller Bonuses – they are destined for first-time players who want to have bigger starting deposits in their accounts, fact that involves a bigger casino bonus. Therefore, this bonus has been created, acting like a bigger sign-up bonus.
No Deposit Bonuses – very generous offers made by many online casinos to its players. This online casino bonus allows players to make wages spending not their own money, but the casino’s bonus money. They do not require any deposit from the player’s. This way players can rest assured knowing they cannot lose any of their money. Nearly all the online casinos will request casino bonus codes for offering no deposit bonuses.
Free Play No Deposit Bonuses – this online casino bonus is pretty much the same with No Deposit Bonus, the only difference being that the players cannot cash in the money they win. The winnings are transferred into their casino accounts for making future wages.
Weekly/Monthly or Reload/Top up bonuses – this sort of casino bonuses depend on the amounts of money the players additionally deposit into their betting accounts that exist already on the casino. These bonuses do not reach high percentages and they have lower values than other bonuses. However, monthly bonuses can reach the same amounts as Sign Up bonuses some times.
Insurance Bonuses – insurance bonus cannot be regarded completely as an online casino bonus, as it’s more like a backup for players. When a player loses a certain amount of money, the casino can partially cover his loss by returning a certain percentage from the amount.

Every time a player claims a casino bonus, he must bet a certain amount of that bonus to have permission to withdraw any money from his account, fulfilling what is known as wage requirement which is a multiple of the deposit and/or the bonus and can be different from one game to another.