Everybody’s Jackpot Promo at Omni Casino Offers 5x Loyalty Points

Everybody’s Jackpot has gone live at Omni Casino.  This is a brand new progressive jackpot online slot game that awards multiple players when it’s hit.  Since its release, Everybody’s Jackpot has quickly moved to the third spot of Omni Casino’s Most Played Games List.

Omni Casino will be launching a promotion in honor of the game, which will take place from the 19th of March to the 21st.  Omni Casino players who choose to take part in the promotion and wager on the game during the promo period will be awarded 5x the loyalty points.  Hence, there is now even more reason for players to enjoy this new and exciting progressive jackpot game.

The Everybody’s Jackpot Promo isn’t the only excitement at Omni Casino. The popular online casino will also be offering a Mystery Bonus this week.  This mystery bonus can be enjoyed on March 19th and guarantees that players will receive anywhere from 50% to 125% on their initial deposit of $30 or higher.