Online Social Casino RocketFrog Awards Unique Real World Prizes

RocketFrog is an online social casino that was unveiled on the social network giant, Facebook.  It is a unique gambling destination that does not award its casino game winners with money prizes, but with real world items.

RocketFrog offers players plenty of gaming entertainment including blackjack, no-limit poker, roulette, slots, and video poker games.  In addition to their regular games, the casino also offers social tournaments for blackjack, slots, and Texas Hold'em poker.

When players win at these games and tournaments, however, they don't receive cash prizes.  Instead, RocketFrog has teamed up with advertisers to give players other great rewards, such as discount vouchers, music, movie tickets, food, and so on.  These prizes keep playing fun and interesting for social consumers, giving them more than a status increase and leader board points when they engage in tournaments.

RocketFrog provides Facebook users with the perfect environment to enjoy casino games with their friends.  Players can share their achievements, learn strategies, obtain tips from experts, and earn loyalty rewards.